Employment demands we expect to see in the construction and consultancy industries in the second half of 2018.

Employment demands we expect to see in the construction and consultancy industries in the second half of 2018.
June 27, 2018 Construction People

As we reach the halfway point of 2018, our team has provided an insight into the employment demands we expect to see in the construction and consultancy industries along Australia’s East Coast in the second half of this year.


Gold Coast construction demand will pick back up

After a bit of a lull post-Commonwealth Games, the Gold Coast has started to see new projects awarded again, and the outlook is very positive.

Mid tier construction is currently where the demand is, with the top end of town looking to pick back up in the last quarter of 2018.

The project demand we’re seeing is across:

3-8 storey unit developments.

Aged care, health and education.


The Brisbane construction industry is experiencing a mixed employment market

Brisbane is experiencing a mixed market which is likely to continue for the rest of the year, making it hard to comment definitively on any solid trends. However, what we can say is:

 There is inconsistency in the upper mid tier & top tier space, while a number of the upper mid tiers/ top tiers are looking thin on work and making some redundancies, others are actively hiring.

 There is  a lot big projects kicking off in Brisbane, other than the obvious couple of projects (e.g. Queens Wharf) most new projects values are coming in around the $50M – $150M mark.

The smaller commercial project market is ticking along while mid rise residential has slowed and won’t pick up again for a while.

Fitout has been very strong, but looks like it is about to plateau.

We are experiencing a candidate short market for some positions. Employees, such as Contract Administrators, are in high demand and low supply, as a result, these candidates are receiving multiple job offers while others, such as Safety Advisors, are seeing less opportunities.

For every positive we’re currently seeing in the Brisbane construction market there is also a counterpoint, which leads us to believe we’re close to a tipping point – one that will be in the favour of a stronger employment market for construction candidates. However, it won’t be until next year that we truly see this trend emerge.


Sydney’s construction is booming

Sydney is at the peak of a construction boom, as a result, we expect the construction employment market to remain strong throughout the rest of 2018.

 Contract roles are in high supply. While immediate project demand is strong, there is uncertainty surrounding the future project pipeline in Sydney and the market has become conservative, while still forcing demand. As a result, more builders are employing staff on a contract basis.

Demand for staff in the residential sector has cooled slightly. However, things are still chugging along in the outer suburbs as well as the Wollongong and Central Coast regions.

Institutional work alongside major infrastructure work is at an all-time high.



Client side Project Mangers are in high demand

The consultancy market in Brisbane is currently all about client side Project Managers, with a growing demand for Project Managers to oversee the development process from concept to completion.

• Project Managers with public sector experience are also in high demand to deliver capital works projects for the foreseeable future.

The health and defence sector is booming. Particularly the defence sector, which has a strong pipeline of work in locations such as Amberley, Townsville and Shoal Water Bay. Most of this work is flowing from Air Force programs and Army training facilities for the Singapore Defence Force.

Meanwhile, client side Project Managers with commercial fitout experience are also needed,  as commercial landlords improve their offerings in what is currently a competitive market.

Large Tier 1 developers are looking to bring in experienced client side Project Managers to effectively define and drive project success on new or failing projects.

In a nutshell – The consultancy market in Queensland will remain competitive for the rest of 2018, bringing with it lots of employment opportunity for those working in the sector.

To find out about the construction & consultancy opportunities we have along the east coast, contact our Brisbane office on 07 3103 7777 our Gold Coast office on 07 5551 0377 our Sydney office on 02 8002 1248 or




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