Why you should start looking for your 2020 construction job now.

Why you should start looking for your 2020 construction job now.
December 6, 2019 Ian Richardson

What if I told you that December wasn’t just a great time to consume a few too many beers and eat your weight in Christmas ham but also a time to reflect on the upcoming year, what you’re looking to achieve out of it AND if a career move is on the agenda – start putting your feelers out into the market?

I’m sure you’d be a little sceptical.

Most people think employers are shutting up shop until January at this time of the year. Consequently, many candidates will postpone their job hunt until the New Year.

And while this may be partly true, here’s a different viewpoint to consider –


Builders are already pipelining their resourcing for 2020 projects

Something we have recently become aware of is that many employer’s approaches to recruitment has changed.

In the past, builders would only interview candidates once they had a position they needed someone for. This resulted in builders being caught out with projects starting without a Project Manager or Site Manager or Contract Administrator. Leaving them in a mad rush to find one.

These days more businesses are forecasting their upcoming requirements and pipelining potential employees.

They’ve become active, not reactive to finding people for their projects.

So, if you think you might be ready to make a move in the early part of next year, start participating in that pipeline now!

A lot of builders will push back on project kick-off dates until January and February when everyone returns to site.

So, it helps to be having conversations about work with them now.


Recruiters are easier to reach in December

We’re in the thick of the silly season. At this time, recruiter’s workload with clients begins to lighten.

Instead, we’re busying ourselves tidying up admin, attending networking events and trying to catch up with as many contacts as possible before the holidays.

Which means it’s an opportune time to put yourself on our radar and find out about the roles we expect to be resourcing for in 2020.

As they say, the early bird catches the worm!

If you connect with us now, you will make us aware that you’re looking to move next year and put yourself top-of-mind, ahead of your competition!

You’ll also avoid finding yourself stuck amongst the sea of people returning to work in January/February looking to fulfil their ‘new year, new career’ resolutions.

For more advice from our team, or to chat to us about how we can help you to secure your next opportunity, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us through our Contact Us page or by emailing getstarted@constructionpeople.com.au.

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