Hollie Layton, Alluvion Property

Hollie Layton, Alluvion Property
April 11, 2018 Kurt Schubert

Like dealing with a close friend

but with a professional edge.

The service received from Kylee and the team at Construction People is like dealing with a close friend, but with a professional edge. They’re interested in finding the best fit for you, rather than just making a placement. I have had experience with recruiters not disclosing who the actual job is and holding their cards close to their chest. With CP they tell you all of the information related to a role so you can make a clear decision with them on whether a pathway proposed is the most suitable for you. CP find a mutually beneficial fit for both the client and the prospective employee/ contractor. I have always felt they are in my corner and find jobs that aren’t even advertised on the market. Quite incredible really.

Hollie Layton

Alluvion Property