Handy Resource Guides

Handy Resource Guides

Handy Resource Guides

Our handy guides cut to the chase and provide you with important candidate information in an easy-to-understand format. You can download and refer to them at any time to assist you with your job search efforts.

Preparation for Behavioural Interview Questions

In this handy guide, we explain what behavioural interview questions are, and how best to approach answering them. Learn about the STAR method and download our template to personalise with your own answers. This guide allows you to be prepared so you can stand out as the best candidate.

Behavioural Interview Questions

Updating Your Resume: Important Considerations

Use this guide so that you can make a great first impression to be short-listed for that interview! We provide you with the most important construction resume tips that most job seekers don’t include. With our guide, you can stand out from the crowd.

Resume Tips

Interview the Interviewer – Best Questions

Shift the way you approach interviews! In this handy guide, you’ll discover why it’s important to interview the interviewer and the best questions to ask. 

Interview the Interviewer

Transition from Contract Administrator to Project Manager – Best Tips

Don’t sit back and wait for that promotion – make it happen! In this guide, we share some active steps that you can take to best transition your career from Contract Administrator to Project Manager.

transition from CA to PM

Interview Questions To Help You Evaluate Your Medium-term Career Plans

In this handy guide, we share some no-risk questions you can ask in an interview if you are interested in discovering if the role on offer suits your medium-term career plans.

Medium-term career interview questions

Large Builder vs Smaller Builder – What’s the Difference?

Learn the distinction between working for a large builder versus a smaller one. In this guide, we examine the benefits and drawbacks of each type of builder to help you make more informed decisions about your career that align with your personality and professional objectives.

Large builder vs smaller builder - What's the difference?

Tips to Boost Your Confidence and Maximise Your Career

Facing challenges in the workplace can be daunting, and can often lead to a loss of confidence. However, by recognising and tackling these obstacles head-on, you can boost your confidence and excel in your career. Our handy guide provides some useful tips on how to build your confidence!

tips to boost your confidence and maximise your career

Effective Communication of Contract Experience

By effectively communicating the purpose, achievements, and learnings from your contract roles, you can present yourself as a valuable asset to potential employers, dispelling any misconceptions and maximising your career opportunities in the construction industry. In our guide, we show you the best ways to communicate your contract experience to employers.

how to communicate contract experience

The Power of the Performance Review – How to Articulate Your Value

Your performance review can be a great opportunity to increase your salary or seek a promotion! In this handy guide, we walk you through how best to prepare and showcase your value.

Power of the Performance Review

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