Where to From Here for Construction Post Pandemic?

Where to From Here for Construction Post Pandemic?
November 11, 2021 Construction People

There is no doubt that the impacts of Covid have hit far and wide. So where to from here for construction post-pandemic?

An Opportunity to Reset!

Recently, the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) revealed its 3-year vision with a focus on strengthening the framework of the 3 pillars of support they have identified for the industry:

  1. Positive Industry Culture
  2. Sufficient Capability, Capacity and Skills
  3. Equitable and Aligned Commercial Frameworks

In a nutshell, the aim is to bring construction stakeholders together for a more sustainable and progressive industry – with a holistic approach, inclusive of removing geographic and industry sector boundaries towards the betterment of the construction industry as a whole.  

ACA CEO Jon Davies, said ‘with the government relying on the construction industry to help rebuild the economy, the time for change is now’. He also said, ‘one of the key actions is to set and adopt a new Culture Standard to deliver great careers for workers and an economic boost for the nation’. 

So, within the envisaged upcoming pipeline of work to underpin the economic recovery, there are areas in construction that need attention to move forward, such as mental health, productivity, attraction and retention. Whilst the pandemic has been a challenge, the opportunities lie ahead with adaptation and change. A chance to reset how our sector operates from project-specific to a longer-term outlook as we move out of the pandemic. 

The ACA’s 3-year vision highlights the need to move towards a sustainable, progressive construction industry for generations to come with better ways of working together, and increased employment outcomes. 

The ACA’s next step will be to seek support from relevant industry stakeholders, including governments, to further define the framework of the 3 pillars to ensure that every infrastructure dollar goes towards value-for-money outcomes. The 3 pillars provide the basis for discussion, planning and the redevelopment of protocols for the future of construction.

3 Highlights from the Pillars

  1. Providing access to more resources and services to support mental wellbeing and health with a balance between resilience and care
  2. Keeping most of the project risk with the project owners instead of contractors, and the resultant passing of the buck up and down the supply chain between clients, consultants, contractors and subbies. The aim is to reduce disputes between multiple stakeholders and achieve the best for project outcomes and all stakeholders
  3. Improving the industry’s work/life balance and creating more investment for training and development opportunities


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