How to identify a good recruiter: here are 3 key things to look for.

How to identify a good recruiter: here are 3 key things to look for.
June 20, 2019 Todd Richardson

Being a long-serving firm in the recruitment industry, we’ve heard our fair share of horror tales from candidates.

*Candidates who have started in a role that’s doesn’t meet the brief sold to them.

*Candidates who’ve had their resume broadcast to the market without their permission. Or sent to their current employer!

*Candidates who have been put under pressure to make quick decisions rather than given the time to consider an offer carefully.


The truth is, like with many industries, some of the people in recruitment are simply self-serving and don’t do the right thing. And some don’t have their finger on the pulse.

On the flip-side of this, and call us biased, but connecting with a GOOD recruiter can be very valuable.

A good recruiter will keep you in the loop of off-market opportunities, provide you with career advice and market insights, both when you’re active in your job search and when you’re not and, most importantly, provide you access to a network and knowledge of the employment market that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

So, how do you know if you’ve connected with a good recruiter? I’ve listed three key things to look out for below.


1. They’re straight to the point.

Your recruiter should be straightforward about what the current market looks like and the opportunities available.

They should also be open about clients they’re working with and their relationship with that client. Remember, not all relationships are equal!

If they’ve said they’re going to represent you to company X but are unable to tell you who their contacts are in that company – they could be fishing for new business and using you as bait.

This scenario, however, can be acceptable IF the recruiter has informed you that they had no prior relationship with the employer before approaching them about you. And they have a good reason for putting your forward to them.

Some examples of this could be that-

    • Your recruiter is aware the company is hiring for a role that you would be well-suited for;
    • You’ve told them you would like to work for that particular company (not everyone is comfortable cold calling an employer for a job and are quite happy to let their recruiters do it for them).

2. They communicate regularly throughout the process

A good recruiter will have consistent communication with you throughout the recruitment process, both verbally and over email.

This allows you to keep track of all of the movements in your job search and maintain control of the process.

After all, this is your career, not theirs!

They should be sending you –

    • Requests to represent – this is an important one, you do not want the market saturated with your resume. It’s also your right to know and decide who your details go to;
    • Confirmations of representation;
    • And lastly, they should be communicating with you post-interview to provide any feedback they’ve received from the client.

Your recruiter is acting as your ambassador in the employment market. So you should not be left in the dark about who and how you’re being represented.


3. They’re passionate about understanding your professional history & career aspirations

A good recruiter will work hard to understand your professional history and career aspirations. So they can offer tailored advice on which companies and roles are best suited to your objectives. And this is a process that requires more than a 10-minute phone call!

If your recruiter hasn’t taken the time to understand your employment background and what skills, knowledge and experience you need to move forward – this will affect their ability to play a valuable role in your job search.


Remember – knowledge is power.

The more you know, the more you can control. So play an active role in your relationship with your recruiter and make sure they are open, upfront and maintain regular communication with you throughout the entirety of the process.

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