Benefits of Interviewing With Multiple Employers

Benefits of Interviewing With Multiple Employers
May 17, 2023 Construction People

People wouldn’t just look at one open house or the first home in a display village. It’s better to compare a few to determine what they do and don’t like and what the price should be. The job market can be viewed the same way. Read on about the benefits of interviewing with multiple employers.

Benefits of interviewing with multiple employers

Interviewing once is the one-shot approach

Working in construction is a tough gig, and right now, more than ever, with everything happening in the market, people are finding themselves time poor, and very conscious about taking time off to meet people for an interview. So, they end up searching for just one opportunity that appeals to them most, and they try to squeeze this in between their current work commitments.

Taking this one-shot approach creates a situation that leaves you without critical information, having no point of comparison between builders / jobs and knowing what else might be on offer in the market, for what is meant to be an important step to best progress your career. There’s way more benefit in prioritising yourself and taking the time to meet with multiple people than not.

Meet with multiple employers

If people are looking at their best possible chance of success through the job search process, they need to accept that it requires taking multiple times off work, not necessarily all in one week, but throughout the process. Why multiple times?  Well, it’s much better to meet several companies instead of one – ideally three (or four) and at least two. And if, say, you meet three companies, that could be six interviews you’ll need time off for. So this is what you should be preparing for.

Unless you’re willing to meet several companies, your only comparison to another job offer is your current job which has inherent problems, as this is why you’re looking in the first place.  It is not a great comparison, as most new job offers will look better at that point. But is it really a good job offer? Well, it’s hard to say without seeing what other companies are offering and getting a better picture of the market. Of course, you can talk to trusted colleagues and friends about it. Though, meeting other companies and discussing what they have to offer is undoubtedly one of the best sources of information. We’ve found that the people who take the time to do this make better informed decisions with better outcomes.

Benefits of interviewing with multiple employers

Another benefit of interviewing with multiple employers

Interviews, like most things, are a practiced skill, so people generally don’t do as well in their first interview as in subsequent ones. The good news is, like other skills, the more interviews you have, the more prepared you become to articulately answer questions about your experience and history, and express why you’re looking for a new role and what you are after. Importantly, you become more judicious in asking questions about the employer and role.

You also become more comfortable and relaxed, presenting as who you really are. If you connect with an employer now, it will be a better connection and last longer. And don’t forget, as you gather more information, you always have the option to say “no”, it’s quite okay, going to an interview does not obligate you.

Overall, there’s way more benefit to interviewing with multiple employers than not.

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