Multiplex shows us around Jewel in Broadbeach

Multiplex shows us around Jewel in Broadbeach
December 1, 2017 Ian Richardson

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to visit Jewel in Broadbeach along with our Gold Coast Principal Consultant, Kylee Mace, and Darren Chick from GCB Constructions.

Showing us around was Site Manager, Anthony Smits, from Multiplex. Anthony has been a long-term supporter of our business and it was great to see how successful the project has been. They have poured over 73,000 cubic metres of concrete since development began 18 months ago, which is incredibly fast.

We look forward to seeing the site again after the Commonwealth Games when the suspended pool supported by a whole lot of metal spring boxes goes in. A big thanks to Multiplex and Smitsy for showing us around!


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