Reflecting on 10 years of Construction People

Reflecting on 10 years of Construction People
February 19, 2019 Ian Richardson

I’m a little late to the party on this thanks to a busy few months, but Construction People celebrated its 10th year in business in November! So I’ve put together a short reflection on our journey over the last decade.

Firstly, a big thank you goes to everyone who has helped us to reach this point – our clients, candidates and everyone in the Construction People team.

When I founded Construction People back in 2008, I was confident I’d done all the learning that I needed to do in previous business ventures and had acquired enough knowledge to be able to put it all into play and hit go.

However, and as I’m sure that anyone who’s been in business for any reasonable period would know, the reality has been a very different one!

Ten years down the track Construction People’s story has been one of continual challenges, development and change. Change in our structure and the kind of business I wanted to have, and change in the way we operate to meet market demand.  There’s been many highs and lows, and the learning has never stopped!

But through all of the adversities, the wins and the losses, two things have remained the same – service level and integrity are still our key drivers. And because of this, Construction People has evolved into something I’m very proud of, and something I believe the market respects us for.

We have a tremendous, like-minded group of people in our office. And we’ve worked hard to create an environment that provides them with the flexibility and autonomy to continue in their trade while still meeting family commitments. Working out how to manage this in a viable way has been a challenge at times, but a very worthy one!

We’ve also been in the position to provide opportunities for people to grow, both in and out of our business. A stand out for me has been in assisting a number of our clients in their own startups and playing a minor mentoring role in this process. Watching their successes has been great. And observing the differences in our approach to business has been a fascinating part of my journey at Construction People.


A few of the other highlights over the years have been –

Securing the contract to supply human resources to the $1.2 billion QLD Children’s hospital for Abigroup. We recruited 80% of the people on-site from the Project Manager down. We lived and breathed it alongside those guys. It was a fantastic experience.

Branching out into the trades and labour space last year. It’s kept us on our toes, but we’ve enjoyed the process.

Being able to combine my industry contacts and love of sailing to provide continued support to a very worthy charity in the property industry – Property Industry Foundation. Over the years, we’ve partaken in a number of their events and assisted in the organisation of their Brisbane Charity Sailing Cup.

The next step for our team will be to continue to build our presence along the east coast, with the hope to have a number of new consultants join our Sydney and Brisbane offices this year. And then we will look to make our expansion into the NZ market!

Once again, a big thank you goes to everyone we’ve worked with over the years, it has been a pleasure, and I hope that we will be providing you with our service for many years to come!

Cheers, Ian


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