Preparing for your video job interview

Preparing for your video job interview
March 20, 2019 Todd Richardson

The video job interview is becoming a popular way to reduce time-to-hire or remove geographical boundaries for connecting with top talent. As a result, there is a growing likelihood that you will come across one at some point in your career!

Naturally, as a recruiter, I’ve conducted many video interviews in my time. And I’ve noticed in the process there is a misconception among interviewees that they can approach the process more casually than a face-to-face meeting with a hiring manager or recruiter; which often hinders their success!

So if you are preparing for a video job interview, here are a few quick tips on how to approach it, and do it successfully –


Approach your video interview as you would a face-to-face meeting.

The video interview removes an element of formality that comes with meeting someone in person. However, it’s important to remember that you’re still making a first impression!

I’ve interviewed candidates via video who are wearing sling vests or t-shirts, who have washing in the dryer or who are sitting in their bedroom with laundry scattered on the floor – it’s unprofessional. And as a recruiter, when meeting someone, we want to feel confident in representing you to our client, so face-to-face or not a good impression needs to be made.

Be aware of your surroundings

Is the area you’ve chosen clean, quiet and free of distractions? Make sure the setting you select is appropriate for an interview.

Dress to impress

We don’t expect to see you in a suit, but you should dress for the job you want! A button-up collared shirt or nice blouse is appropriate.

Check your tech

I know you may be time-bound, but it’s crucial to find 5-10 minutes before your interview to check your tech! Are your microphone and camera working? Are you experiencing any technical difficulties that would hinder your interview?

I know this is obvious, but it often gets missed. And making the hiring manager sit around for 15 minutes while you fix audio or visuals is not a good start to the relationship.

Preparation is key

    • Go to the bathroom and have a glass of water ready;
    • make sure your resumes printed;
    • do your research – you should know some information about the client or person you’re meeting with;
    • have a pen and paper ready to take notes;
    • and a list of questions for the interviewer that you’re keen to ask.

By doing all of this, you’re telling us that you’re prepared, interested and invested in the process. And this makes for as good of a first impression as any!

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