Northshore Hamilton – Assessing The Shortcomings

Northshore Hamilton – Assessing The Shortcomings
March 27, 2024 Construction People

The Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Scheme outlines ambitious goals for the area’s urban and subtropical design. However, a closer examination reveals gaps in meeting the immediate needs of residents and visitors. Targeted interventions are necessary to establish Northshore Hamilton as a vibrant, liveable, and inclusive community well before the 2032 Olympic Games.

Northshore Hamilton - Shortcomings

Limited retail and dining options

While Northshore Hamilton offers some dining and retail experiences, they pale in comparison to more established precincts such as Southbank.

The current offerings mainly consist of casual dining and grab-and-go options eg. Eat Street, bars and coffee shops with limited formal dining and seating, which can detract from the overall experience.

There is the option to visit Racecourse Road, Hamilton, which boasts a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars. However, the distance from Northshore Hamilton may pose challenges for residents seeking more convenient dining options.

Curating more distinctive dining options within Northshore Hamilton itself could set it apart as a destination of choice to encourage more people to live in or visit the area.

Connectivity and accessibility challenges

Despite being serviced by bus routes and CityCat ferries, Northshore Hamilton lacks a dedicated train line, impacting connectivity for its residents and visitors.

As of the latest available information, there are currently no concrete plans for a train service specifically dedicated to Northshore Hamilton, and the walk to Doomben and Ascot stations is a minimum of 15 minutes away.

Addressing this public transport shortage will be crucial in ensuring the area’s accessibility and liveability, particularly as it continues to grow and attract new residents.

Affordable housing shortages

The commitment to allocate at least 5 percent of the Priority Development Area (PDA) to public, social, and affordable housing is a positive step towards ensuring housing affordability and inclusivity in Northshore Hamilton. However, is 5 percent enough? There remains a lack of accessible housing solutions for individuals and families on lower incomes.

By offering a mix of housing types, from affordable rentals to luxury apartments, Northshore Hamilton could accommodate a diverse population and promote socioeconomic diversity within the community.

Northshore Hamilton - Assessing Shortcomings

(Image source: Queensland Government)

More community engagement is needed

While there is the opportunity for community input through the Queensland government website, deeper engagement is needed in the planning process.

Establishing community forums and conducting public consultations can provide valuable insights into the preferences and priorities of future residents, ensuring that development aligns with community needs and aspirations.

Creating a vibrant and inclusive community will be key to attracting residents and visitors alike, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in the precinct.

Other ways to stay ‘in the know’ are:

  1. Check the Brisbane City Council website. They often provide updates, project timelines, and plans related to urban development projects like Northshore Hamilton.
  2. Explore the websites of the developers involved in the Northshore Hamilton project. They may offer detailed information about the development phases, construction progress, and upcoming stages.
  3. Stay informed about Northshore Hamilton through local news outlets, which may cover updates, announcements, and public discussions related to the project.
  4. Follow relevant government agencies, developers, and community groups on social media platforms. They often share project updates, photos, and important announcements about Northshore Hamilton’s development.

Lack of shade structures

Northshore Hamilton does not offer extensive shade structures for people wanting to visit the park or picnic there, which may deter people from utilising the outdoor spaces to their full potential, particularly during hot and sunny days.

Given Brisbane’s subtropical climate, some or all of the following solutions could be incorporated into the present to alleviate sun exposure and temperatures.

  1. Install temporary shade sails or fabric canopies above concrete paths to provide coverage and protection from direct sunlight
  2. Place portable pop-up tents or umbrellas along the concrete paths at regular intervals to offer intermittent shade for pedestrians
  3. Utilise temporary pergolas or trellises covered with climbing plants to create natural shade along the concrete paths
  4. Introduce mobile shade solutions, such as wheeled awnings or retractable canopies that can be moved along the paths to provide shade as needed
  5. Implement temporary shade structures made of lightweight materials, such as bamboo or fabric, that can be easily erected and dismantled along the concrete paths
  6. Start to plant trees now to grow, along with including some mature trees for immediate shade

man in hot sun

Residential buildings – Lack of diversity

Northshore Hamilton’s development plan includes provisions for an additional 14,000 dwellings, accommodating over 24,000 residents, with a predominant focus on high rise residential units. Nevertheless, criticisms have surfaced regarding the perceived lack of architectural diversity within the current residential offerings.

To cater to a broader demographic and foster a more inclusive community, it is imperative to enhance housing diversity. This can be achieved through the introduction of innovative designs and community-centric features, ultimately creating a more dynamic and appealing living environment.

Other useful information

Did you know that most people pay an entry fee to attend Northshore Hamilton? There is only one ATM, and cash is not accepted at the premises. Food and drinks purchased outside the venue are not permitted inside. To find out more about FAQs, visit here.


In essence, although Northshore Hamilton holds promise as a vibrant and inclusive community when looking at its long-term vision, it is imperative to confront existing deficiencies to align with the needs and desires of its residents and visitors.

By strategically addressing areas in need of improvement, such as transportation infrastructure, housing diversity, and amenity provision, Northshore Hamilton can emerge as an appealing and liveable precinct in the present, laying a solid foundation well ahead of the 2032 Olympics and the broader 20-year development plan for the area.

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